"The academic schools of Augusta Technical College provide an array of academic programs at the certificate, diploma and associate degree level so you can choose the path that best prepares you to meet your academic, personal and career goals.   No matter what academic program you choose, we know that the education you will receive at Augusta Technical College will prepare you to be successful in the workforce or equip you to continue your education as a transfer student to a four-year institution. Please view each academic school’s webpage and consider being a part of our institution which has been a mainstay in Augusta, Georgia for 60 years."

Melissa Frank-Alston, PhD


Augusta Technical College, the Central Savannah River Area's (CSRA) largest technical college and provider of workforce development, promotes technical skill sets that meet the workforce needs of the communities it serves while contributing to the improvement of the Greater Augusta area, Georgia and beyond.

Four images representing Mathematics, Science, English, and the Arts. An African American female smiles and stands in front of a chalkboard with equations written on it wearing a teal v-neck shirt and a silver necklace. An African American male wearing goggles along with a red polo shirt and using science implements represents science. English is represented by a Latino male wearing glasses with a blue and yellow plaid shirt over a white t-shirt smiling at his instructor a Caucasian female with white hair and glasses wearing a white shirt. A Caucasian male wearing ballet clothes standing on a stage and reading a scrip represents the arts.
School of Arts and Sciences 

Preparing students for local, regional, and global success through interdisciplinary programs and courses that enhance their communicative, occupational, and critical thinking skills.

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Five individuals composed of two African American males, one African American female, a Caucasian male, and a Caucasian female wear business casual clothes and sit around a round table discussing business using computers and paperwork.
School of Business

Your choice for technology-focused business education and a driving force for sending career-ready leaders into professional organizations throughout Augusta and the surrounding areas.

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An adjustable camera lens focusing on An African American male, African American Female, and Caucasian male studying a computer screen. Source code overlaps the monitor.
School of Cyber and Design Media

Combining training with innovative ideas, curriculum, and technologies for a career within high-demand industries including cyber, technology, and media fields.


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Five health care workers stand in a hallway wearing scrubs in various shades of blue. An African American female stands center with a Caucasian male and female standing directly behind her. Another Caucasian female stands to the far left behind the Caucasian male and another tall Caucasian male stands to the far right.
School of Health Sciences

The premier provider of innovative, quality health occupations programs that promote and contribute to the healthcare systems of the Augusta Technical College Community and beyond.

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A picture composed of 5 sections representing the Culinary Arts, Barbering/Cosmetology, EMTs, Early Childhood Care and 	Education, and Criminal Justice.
School of Public and Professional Services

Designed to prepare students for rewarding careers focused on strengthening our communities with hands-on training and technical skills needed for a skilled workforce.


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A mechanic works on an airplane engine while kneeling on an orange safety ladder. A male and a female engineer wearing yellow and black jackets and hardhats study plans on a computer monitor and tablet.
T.R. Reddy School of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

Providing students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers in engineering and industrial technology fields. 

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